SINCE 1969

For half a century, Somboon Seafood has delivered the best tastes with passion and diligence. Generation after generation, the original flavors have been preserved and Somboon Seafood will continue to honor the tradition of serving its dishes with integrity to its patrons.
Somboon Seafood is a seafood restaurant renowned for the unique tastes it developed over the years in its specialty dishes. Opened in 1969, this restaurant began its journey by bringing the best of Thai and Chinese flavors together in harmony to create signature dishes. Among these, The Original Fried Curry Crab is a restaurant standout that has caught the attention of global media and has been dubbed Asia’s best version of the dish. Over the years, Somboon Seafood has become a local establishment that is a must-go destination for foodies and tourists. Local and visiting figures and leaders have counted themselves among the restaurant’s patronage.

The restaurant’s recipes are its legacy after half a century of earnest cooking and experience. They are passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth to ensure succession. Currently, Somboon Seafoodhas eight branches, all in Bangkok to serve the numerous eager patrons in the capital.